Top Ten Makeup | 2019

Bold, vivid, supersaturated colors are in for 2019. And you can take it a step further by throwing some glitter on it!! Yes! I said glitter!!! Move over kiddies, glitter is now for grown ups & we love it! Well, some of us do….. And if you don’t that’s quite alright. So, here is a list of ten of the best makeup for 2019 that you can add to your beauty arsenal.



Whether day time or nighttime, this little addition certainly shimmers in the light (daylight, night light, spotlight…well you get the picture).


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1. Glitter

Kill two birds with one stone when it comes to this eyeshadow – it’s a nice pallete with bold colors and glitter mixed in – an all in one makeup to bring out those beautiful eyes.





2. Eyeshadow

It’s all in the eyes, so catch that special someone, by dazzling them with your gaze. Bright, bold colors are in that create a glamorous look ? that sends a bold statement. Be radiant and glow up with these eyeshadow palettes.





3. Eyeliner

Just like your eyeshadow, make your eyes pop with color by using some of the brightest, boldest, eyeliners. You certainly can keep it popping with these colorful eyeliners alone and some days, well, you might as well forego the eyeshadow.






4. Foundation

Prime up that foundation with a base that helps make your look flawless and long-lasting. Having the right foundation will have you looking great for a good portion of the day with little to no need to retouch your overall look.



5. Primer

Apply primer to make your handiwork stay on longer. This is definitely the way to go with making those bold, vibrant eyeshadow color last all day long! So, consider giving it a go with this primer.



6. Blush

Make those cheekbones pop with a hint of blush, but a little bit goes a long way, so don’t overdo it. Blushes can add that extra touch of color to help make your skin look radiant.




7. Highlighter

Highlight those gorgeous features with this lovely highlighter.




8. Concealer

Conceal what you must to help make your look absolutely flawless!





9. Lipstick

Get those lips looking extra luscious…and plump if you must, by adding a splash of popping color.



10. Moisturizer

Keep your skin supple and youthful with this great moisturizer.


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