Master Your Hair

Master your hair…easier said than done. But if you take the time to observe your hair and its reactions to the products, then you can master your hair. There is more to hair than hair, yes indeed…your hair can make your day and give you confidence to carry yourself in good spirit all day long or it can cause you to be down and not as energetic or able to face your day head on. There is more to life than hair, but hair can help better your life so take the time to pamper your hair and enhance your look and daily life.

Take a Weekend or Two

Take a weekend or two to really pamper your hair…make time to care for your hair at least one or two weekends in the month. Over a course of two to three months, you will notice healthy, stronger, and lengthier hair if you choose to grow it out.

What You Need to Pamper Your Hair

A good conditioner – a good deep conditioner and or a good leave in conditioner is crucial in protecting and keeping hair in good shape. The best conditioner you can use is typically the one you can make yourself.

Don’t Know Where to Start Making Your Own Hair Products?

In order for you to be able to make your own conditioner, you need to know what works for your hair. So if you have been exploring throughout the years and taking notes on what works for you, then this should make it fairly easier for you to get things going. If you choose to make your own conditioner, then try to select all those ingredients that you know your hair likes.

Here are A Few Ingredients to Get You Started

  • Jojoba – (pronounced ho-ho-ba), this liquid wax is much like the sebum produced by the sebaceous glands on the scalp and it functions in much of the same way as does sebum. And a little bit of Jojoba goes a long way. A word of caution though, use very sparingly or stay away altogether from this liquid wax / oil especially so if you have issues with overproduction of sebum or oily scalp buildup, dandruff, or any fungal or yeast issues. Fungal issues can be aggravated by this oil as Jojoba can feed fungus / yeast resulting in worsening of such issues.
  • Moringa Oil – not only the powder form of this plant highly useful for hair care, but the oil is also phenomenal in helping keep hair strands healthy and to lock-in moisture. This oil is loaded with nutrients that enrich the hair follicles, while helping to strengthen the hair strands, thereby, reducing breakage and most instances helping “heal” broken and damaged strands.
  • Olive Oil – this super healing oil is good inside and out. It helps nourish hair follicles and provides hair strands with better elasticity.
  • Shea Butter – this is an all round healing, nourishing, detangling, and conditioning ingredient that gives hair theappropriate balance of what it needs to be fortified and healthy. This butter and the oil verison is an absolute favorite of ours and we think it’s a must. However, much like the Jojoba, limit its use if you have issues with oily scalp or overactive sebaceous glands.


Hope you found our article helpful in caring for your hair and using this time to grow healthy hair. We hope you all are staying safe by staying at home and when out and about, do wear protective gear as Covid-19 is running rampant the world over and it is better to be safe than sorry. Also, because we love you guys, here’s a detailed article on how you can help beat Covid-19. If you enjoyed reading this article or any of our other articles, do take the time to share them with others who may find it (them) useful. Be sure to let us know if you do share our articles, so we can say thank you, by simply leaving us a comment in the comments section below.

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