Should You Be Buying Commercial Hair Products?

In the world as we know it today, going to the store has become somewhat of a calculating and arduous feat, all because the so called “new normal” makes it so. Remembering to wear your protective gear just to be able to do your day to day affairs is hardly anything close to normal. We as a people should do out best to ensure this “new normal” does not become permanent. In other words, let’s do our best to make sure this “new normal” is a temporary normal. We certainly should do every thing we can to prevent the spread of the Corona virus and choose to use preventative measures to protect ourselves by boosting our immune system. But, we can also do our due diligence through avoiding unnecessary contact with others until the Covid-19 is eradicated! One way to do this is by reducing the number of shopping trips we make. Personal hygiene and care is among the top reasons we venture out to make purchases. And if what we need isn’t available on Amazon or any other online avenue, then the temptation to go browsing through store shelves becomes even greater! So, we are posing this question, should you be buying commercial hair products? Why, do we ask? Well, because we really would like our readers to assess whether or not it is worth the risk to make that shopping trip or even prolong your shopping trip by spending extra time browsing for hair care products when you can maintain your healthy flowing locks with these simple ingredients.

Jojoba Oil

This is a must have for healthy hair and shiny, strengthened locks. Jojoba is much like the sebum your scalp secretes and will act much like sebum in protecting your hair strands. Jojoba oil is a healing and nourishing oil loaded with lots of vitamins and minerals like Vitamin E, Copper, Zinc, to name a few. And it is also great for your skin (creates a beautiful, youthful glow!).

Soap Nuts | A Solution to Shampooing

Soap nuts or Aritha is a great option when it comes to cleaning the hair and scalp. Soap nuts are not only cleansing, but nourishing for the hair follicles.

Soap nuts is popular in the Indian culture and is used by many who choose to use Ayurvedic herbs to care for their hair. The use of soap nuts gives a natural and chemical free way to cleansing and maintaining hair and scalp health. So this is certainly something to look at keeping on hand, if for no other reason, but emergency hair care. I.e. in the case of SHTF kind of situations, where you may not be able to run out to a store to get supplies, let alone hair products. Soapnuts can be found on Amazon and other online retailers and if you have one locally, a friendly Indian Grocery Store.

Shea Butter

Unless you are allergic or have certain sensitives to it, Shea Butter is certainly a must for overall hair care, as well as, skincare. It is great for conditioning the hair and maintaining the hair in between washing. It is chuck full of plenty of vitamins and minerals and so is very, very nourishing to the hair, and the skin…so definitely don’t over look this wonderful natural plant based ingredient.


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