Coconut Oil | A Great Oil for Healthy Hair

Coconut oil is a staple of ours and even though it’s been getting a bad rap lately, we think it certainly shouldn’t deter everyone from using it unless you have allergies or something…or just flat out don’t like it. Coconut oil is a powerful oil that if used correctly can mean great benefits for you & your hair health in the long run.

Coconut oil is a relatively inexpensive oil that can provide your hair with a luxious look and feel, but without  the hefty price tag. It is loaded with nutrients good for both skin and hair and serves as a go to for pretty much anything including making highly nutritious meals. Just based on its versatility alone makes this oil a keeper in our book and hardly worth the bad rap.


Uses for Coconut Oil

When it comes to hair, coconut oil is one of the few oils that make our list and all because of its ability to provide even damaged hair lots of elasticity and a much needed boost when it comes to resisting further damage.


Best Way to Incorporate Coconut Oil into Your Hair Regimen

The best way to incorporate coconut oil is by using it before every other wash.

You can use it as an overnight treatment the night before wash day for a deeper treatment.

Or you can use it half an hour to an hour before washing your hair – we prefer this method.

Simply apply it to the length of your hair and avoid saturating the scalp with it. We think that this is where most people go wrong. Plus they end up leaving it in for days at a time. And unfortunately,  this often leads to hair shedding.

If you plan to leave coconut oil in long term… as in days at a time… then certainly do NOT apply it to your scalp, otherwise you will have noticeably thinner hair, less voluminous hair over the course of time.

When you use this oil,  don’t use a heft amount! Use a quarter sized amount for one half of your hair and a quarter sized  amount for the other half of your hair.

You can adjust the amount you use accordingly based on the volume and length of your hair. And all in all, there shouldn’t an overly greasy or saturated oily feel to your hair – less is more in this case (and a “dollop” will go a long way).

Apply any residue left on the palm of your hands to the scalp. Do this step only if you are about to wash your hair within three hour.  Do NOT do this step if you are choosing the overnight process, it is not necessary….

Coconut oil is so potent that leaving it on for an extremely long amount of time will result in it breaking down or weakening the hair strands and hair follicles. It simply isn’t meant to be used this way.

If you find yourself needing daily oiling, then an emollient type of oil like castor oil or a protecting oil like safflower oil will serve you well.


What are My Options If I Don’t or Can’t Use Coconut Oil

You may be wondering, what are my options if I don’t  or can’t use Coconut Oil? Well, if you are looking for the benefit of added protection and healthy scalp and hair, then certainly  give  Safflower Oil a try.



Safflower oil is great for the scalp and not only protects the scalp but improves the circulation,  all the while providing a layer of protection to the hair strands.

Try adding a few drops of safflower oil through the length of your hair and massage the remainder that is left in your palms into your scalp. Follow it up with a small amount of castor oil rub throughout your hair. Do this for 2 to 3 months and you will notice a big difference  in your hair health. You can also give this great oil a try.


We hope our article convinces you to give coconut oil a try or adjust the way you use it and let it work for you in improving your hair health. It is certainly a great oil for healthy hair and if you don’t like it,  feel free to try our recommended substitutes. You are bound to notice a difference with either option you choose.

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