Beer is Good for Your Hair

If you like beer, then you may think it tastes good, but did you know it can also be good for your hair? Seriously, beer is good for your hair, although not so much for your body….

Disclaimer: We do NOT condone underage drinking, but we do find certain alcoholic beverages to be helpful in obtaining naturally, lustrous, silky hair. So, we are sharing.


Prepping Your Beer Rinse

There is not much to this hair care regimen …it’s that simple.

We like to use non-alcoholic beer, but alcoholic beer works too, just be sure to dilute it — use one half cup to 1 cup of water for each pint (16 oz) of beer.

If you choose to use non-alcoholic beer like we do, then there is no need to dilute it, unless you and your hair feel the need to, because we find this rinse to be much, more nourishing as it is. Also, we found that the darker the beer the better the effects.

What we do recommend though is leaving the container open for at least 2 hours prior to use, but most preferably overnight. This is so that some of the carbonation or fizziness escapes. This helps ensure better absorption into the hair strands.



How to Use or Apply Your Beer Rinse


Once you have washed and conditioned your hair, rinse out your conditioner very well.

While your hair is still wet, apply or drench your hair with beer of your choice.

Your can play around with several modes of application like using a basin. Or using a spray bottle. You can use a cup and apply in sections. But do keep in mind that you will need a bit of length for the basin method to work.

Let this rinse sit in your hair for 30 mins and rinse with cool water. Then proceed to style as usual or you can apply your favorite leave in conditioner if your hair is in need of some extra TLC.



Beer rinses are great for all hair types and lengths and leave your hair looking silkier and feeling softer. We certainly think it is worth a try and is great to include in most hair care routines and regimens. Seriously, beer is good for your hair!

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