Teas that Promote Hair Growth

Teas are an awesome way to relax and enjoy your day or maybe just the little snippet of time off that you may have to yourself. But teas are also a great way to provide your body with some of the nutrients it may need and or to give yourself an extra boost in nutrients. For simplicity sake, we are going to be focusing on using teas that promote hair growth. And when it comes to tea that stimulate hair growth, herbs or herbal teas are the way to go.

What Teas are Best for Hair Growth | Teas You can Drink for Better Hair Growth

Herbal teas are fantastic sources of nutrients that prove beneficial to hair growth. Some teas are great for stimulating blood flood, while other are great to boost the bodys nutrient source, as well as, uptake.

Teas like Rosemary tea, Gingko Biloba, and Chamomile stimulate blood circulation and encourage hair growth. You can apply these teas topically, but drinking them is best as the most of the nutrients required for hair growth are provided from within the body.

Teas like horsetail are great for strengthening hair as they contain silica which is great building up the hair and skin cells. But be sure to get caffeine free horsetail tea if you doing want to drink caffeine.

Rooibos Tea is also a nutritious herbal tea that is great for hair and tea and wil help growth hair stronger and faster.

Teas You Can Apply Topical for Hair Growth | Teas Rinses for Hair Growth

Many of the aforementioned teas are also teas you can apply topically for hair growth and can be used as tea rinses for hair growth.

But among the aforementioned teas that you can drink, the following teas are teas that are even better when applied topically:

Green Tea – the caffeine inx this tea helps with slowing and in some cases stopping hair loss

Peppermint tea – this tea helps stimulate blood flow and refreshes the scalp resulting in better hair growth. This tea also helps keep the scalp free of bacteria and fungi. Due to the menthol content of this tea, you get the amazing benefit of a wonderful tingling sensation that gives your hair follicles lovely stimulation that will in turn promote hair growth.

Rooibos Tea – this tea strengthens hair, redces hair fall, and helps with scalp or skin conditions, such as dryness, and even dandruff.

Sage Tea – this tea is rich in iron, as well as, copper and this is highly beneficial in encouraging a healthy scalp and hair follicles. The presence of copper gives this tea an added bonus of enriching the hair follicles and deterring and in some cases helping reverse premature greying of the hair.

Hibiscus Tea – this is an extremely nourishing tea that provides the hair and it follicles with nourishment and conditioning that promotes stronger hair that is less tangled and less prone to breakage; hair that is moisturized, and a healthy scalp to boot.

This herbal tea is fantastic for helping maintain hair and prevent hair loss and excessive shedding. It is also beneficial for those who are experiencing premature greying as it can in some cases reverse greying of the hair.

The flower, leaves, and oil are absolutely beneficial in maintain healthy growing hair.

Rosemary Tea – this tea is particularly good because it also lightly cleanse the scalp and enriches the hair follicles when applied topically, leaving the hair looking darker, healthier and nicely moisturized.

Ginger Tea – this warming tea is fantastic as an envigorating rinse for the scalp and hair. Leaving you with a clean feeling scalp much like peppermint tea and will leave you with lustrous hair.

There are plenty of teas out there that provide your hair much needed boost in growth. Choose as many as you like and alternate between them to keep things interesting and so you don’t get too tired of a particular tea.

On the plus side of doing tea rinses and drinking them, is the fact that you have the ability to also grow these herbs (if you have a green thumb…but it surely doesn’t hurt to try). This can be an awesome way to ensure a super budget friendly way to improve your hair growth regimen.

You can also use them in combination, like drinking Rosemary Tea and then using Peppermint tea as a rinse. Or you can keep it simple, as well as, budget friendly by using Rosemary Tea, for instance, for drinking and rinsind one month and sage tea the next month and so on.


Herbal teas are certainly the way to go when it comes to the simplest and easiest way to grow hair fast. So, definitely give them a try and you certainly will see a difference in your overall health as well as the health of your hair. If you have any teas that you have tried and found to be helpful in growing out hair fast, then please share in comments section below, if we have not mentioned it in our article.

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