Skip the Shampoo and Try This Shampoo Bar

As far as all natural cleansers go, the options are many but few are all around great and provide almost, if not all the needs of the hair. Those needs include a good foundation for hair growth, i.e. a health scalp, pH control or balance, treatment of scalp ailments, helpful in detangling hair, stimulation of hair growth, softening of hair, as well as, frizz control. These and more are often desired qualities we look for when we seek out hair products, especially shampoos. When it comes to hair cleansers, we say skip the shampoo and try this shampoo bar.

Ethique Heali Kiwi Shampoo Bar

Ethiques Heali Kiwi Shampoo bar is a gentle, but effective shampoo bar cleanser and we love the fact that it is superb when it comes to leaving the hair moisturized and not feel dry and stripped of its oils.

It is loaded with a variety of natural and essential oils that are highly beneficial to both the scalp and hair. Oils like Calendula Oil, Karanja Oil, Neem Oil, and even Manuka Oil lend lots of healing and desirabe properties for hair growth when it comes to using this sampoo bar.

To provide a better idea of how beneficial this shampoo bar is to the health of the scalp and hair, here are some of the benefits the oils it contains provides.

Calendula Oil – this oil is extracted from marigold flowers infused in carrier oil and is a great oil for promoting healing.

It has not only anti-bacterial properties, but anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties as well. So, it aids in treating various skin conditions and issues.

Karanja Oil – made from the seeds of the Pongam tree, this is a superb healing oil, that is similar to Neem Oil in its healing properties. but unlike Neem, the aroma of this oil is much more agreeable.

It is used to treat various skin and scalp conditions. Psoriasis, dandruff and blister and skin ulcers are some of the ailments that are treatable by this oil.

This oil is nourishing and protects the skin and in case of hair formulations, it helps protect and keep the scalp healthy.

Neem Oil – made from the seeds and fruit of the neem tree, this oil is a powerful oil used for treating a myriad of diseases and ailments. Its anti-inflammatory and analgesic characteristics provide relief to skin conditions that may cause issues such as redness, swelling, and pain.

Even with its pungent odor, the anti-bacterial and antifungal properties alone make this oil a great ingredient to have present in any hair care product. Plus it is very nourishing and helps impart moisture to the hair.

Manuka Oil – this essential oil made from the Manuka Tree indigenous to New Zealand, is a fantastic essential oil that carries many of the beneficial properties found in tea tree oil.

It is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflamatory, among other characteristics.  It is a great oil when it comes to getting rid of dandruff and helps keep the scalp free of infections and problematic conditions like sore and rashes.

Benefits of Using Ethique Heali Kiwi Shampoo Bar

When we purchased this shampoo bar, we were skeptical that it would even come close to replacing our shampoo, but we were wrong. This shampoo bar not only came close, but it went above and beyond our expections and in the world of hair care, this is more than anyone could ever ask for…can you say holy grail!!!

Yes, we are putting this product in the lineup of products we consider holy grail and the great thing about is there are other wonderful variations of this shampoo bar, like Ethique Damage Control Shampoo Bar and Ethique Tip to Toe, that we love.

The natural and healthy healing oils contained in this shampoo bar – Ethique Heali Kiwi – make it a great product to add in one’s rotation of hair products. This product is well made and leaves your hair moisturized and makes detangling a breeze (the reduction of tangles is fantastic, but can vary from texture to texture, so do bare that in mind).

This shampoo bar also helps with sore, itchy scalp and provides a calming sense of relief. We noticed some improvements after the first wash. But we noticed huge improvements after the third wash.


How Long Does Each Shampoo Bar Last?

Ethique Shampoo Bars can last a while depending on usage and of course the length and volume of your hair. For thick, medium length hair, a bar of Ethique will last at least for the same amount of time as one and a half of a standard bottle of shampoo would last you…just to give you some perspective on what to expect.

Do I Need to Condition After Using this Shampoo Bar?

Most shampoo bars are mild enough that you may be asking yourself, “Do I need to condition after using this shampoo bar?

Well, with some shampoo bars you may be able to skip the conditioner and just use a good leave-in conditioner instead. But, we highly recommend conditioning your hair after any form of cleansing that involves a product with cleansing agents.

In order words, yes, do condition your hair, so that the moisturizing properties, as well as, other benefits acquired will be long lasting and much more noticeable. Especially so, if your hair is prone to dryness and or breakage.

Conditioning will help those cuticles lock in all the benefits imparted by the natural oils in the shampoo bar, as well as, in the conditioner.

We recommend a natural conditioner that is moisturizing and enriched with some of the oils we have mentioned earlier on in this post.

We also, recommend this conditioner bar, but Ethique’s Conditioner Bar is also good. You certainly don’t have to follow up with a conditoner bar…just about any good quality moisture imparting conditioner will do.

So, if you have a favorite conditioner you would like to follow up with, then by all means do so.



Ethique Heali Kiwi Shampoo Bar is a great shampoo bar, all around, and works well with most hair types, so don’t hesitate to try it. Just be sure to follow up with a good conditioner and you will certainly see an improvement in your hair’s health over time. If you have give any of Ethique’s Shampoo Bars, including the ones we have mentioned in this article, be sure to share your results in the comments.



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