Jade Comb Benefits | Scalp Massages and Hair Growth

When it comes to scalp massages and hair growth, any comb will do. But, a Jade Comb is even better. If you are thinking of getting a Jade Comb, then you must know what are the Jade comb benefits. Just make sure what you are getting is real jade.

What is Jade?

Jade is a stone that is cool to the touch. Using a comb made out of Jade will create a cooling sensation on your scalp as you use it to massage your scalp, thereby, encouraging more blood flow to the scalp than you would get from sinmply massaging your scalp with your fingers tips.


Benefits of Jade Comb for Scalp Massage and Hair Growth

The Jade comb is very special indeed. It will not only provide a lovely massage, but it will also encourage much needed circulation to the scalp and create a tingling and warming sensation post massage. You will certainly notice a difference between using your fingers or any other comb versus using a Jade comb.

Doing this will help the blood flow to your scalp and encourage faster hair growth. This is because the blood carries various nutrients that your hair follicles need in order to grow along with oxygen which will help keep your scalp healthy. You can alternate this with the inversion method to ensure that your hair follicles are continually being replenished and are able to get the nutrients they need in order to grow healthy hair.

I have been using a Jade comb for my scalp massages for over 15 years now and I definitely will attest to it benefits.

I was able to grow my hair to new lengths I had never been able to attain before with the help of this tool. Now, I am not attributing all of  my hair growth (hip length hair) solely to using this tool, but I will say it certainly helped. For those interested in how I grew my hair to hip length hair be sure to be on the look out for my ebook I will be releasing in the next coming months.



Maximizing your Benefits with a Jade Comb Scalp Massage

You can also choose to do the inversion method while you massage your scalp with one of these Jade Combs. this will not only make the process faster but will maximize the amount of circulation you get from  your massage.

It is best to not overdo it when it comes to the inversion method as your hair growth will become dependent on this method  if used excessively.

Doing this method once or twice a week is best and you will see the results within a matter of two to three months.

Caring for your Jade Comb

Always make sure to take care of your hair tools, especially so your combs. When it comes to Jade Combs make sure that you clean them once you are done, especially so if you do not use them on a regular basis.

This will help make sure that you do not have any mildew or bacteria growing on your combs and any gunk from doing your scalp massage will be wiped cleaned.

Your can use a mixture of a carrier oil such as almond oil with a few drops of cinnamon or tea tree oil (about 2 drops of oil to a cap full of almond oil) to clean and disinfect your combs.

If you would rather not use any oil on your comb, then you can always use a some water and a little bit of mild soap, but preferably, just water to rinse your comb clean and dry it with a soft cloth.

Pros and Cons of Using a Jade Comb


Jade Combs can last for a long time time provided it is well taken care of and is not dropped.

Great, natural tool for use in healthy hair growth and care.

Good quality Jade Combs have a solid feel to them and a smooth glass-like finish, which makes it easy to reach through hair and massage scalp efficiently without any damage to hair strands.


Can break easily if dropped from a great enough height such as a standard dresser’s height to a bare floor.

It can be a bit on the fragile side of things – some combs may be extremely thin and make the possibility of breaking that much easier.

Poor quality Jade Combs can have rough or chipped edges that can snag or damage hair in the process of massaging the scalp.

This, is also great for massaging other areas of the body like the arms, neck, and nose to list a few.


An Alternative to Jade Combs that Performs Close Enough 

If you do not like Jade or don’t want to deal with the possibility of breaking your comb, then you can always look into getting a good quality buffalo horn comb. These combs can be well made and if you find a good quality comb, it will be very smooth and shiny even in between the tines or teeth of the comb.


These combs are gems when made well and will last for a very long time. However, they will not take too kindly to exposure to wet strands, so limit or avoid using on wet hair – this may well be the biggest disadvantage to this comb, so give it some thought and make your decision.



A Jade comb may not be great for combing your hair, but it certainly is great for massaging your scalp, so give it a try and be sure to share your thoughts and feelings in the comments section below.

To healthy hair growth!
Thanks for reading!

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