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We all need a little help growing our hair at some point in time. Whether it is due to stress or malnutrition or just lack of proper care, hair growth help / faster hair growth is a must nowadays. We have all at some point in or lives realized that our hair suffers during hard moments in life and it often shows in the growth rate and condition of our hair. Stress along with other factors (internal and external) can cause intense scalp itch, dull; breaking, and slow growing hair that can put a dampener in your day to day look and feel.




How to Get Faster Hair Growth

For faster hair growth, it all starts at the foundation – your roots! Keep your scalp health, keep your roots happy! And you will get a good amount of growth. To accomplish this, cleanliness is a must. Some may disagree because, there’s ingrained thoughts or beliefs from childhood that a dirty scalp grows hair faster, but that is usually not the case.


What Hinders Hair Growth

A dirty scalp usually brings about scalp issues from dandruff to clogged follicles leading to hair loss. Fungal issues are definitely no fun and can be difficult to get rid off, so preventing them is best. Itching that can result from unhygienic scalp conditions can create issues like abrasions or open cuts which can result in infections, boils, sores which can lead to hair loss.

Nurturing A Healthy Scalp to Foster Healthy Hair Growth

To help nurture a healthy scalp, use natural shampoos with little to no chemicals. Clay shampoos are a great start not only as an alternative to store bought chemically laden shampoos, but is a simple and natural detoxifying scalp cleanser that helps nurture healthy hair growth. Click here for our recipe for the best homemade clay shampoo (psst, it’s what we use to help maintain waist length and thigh length hair in our family sans the harsh chemicals).



Exercise for Healthy Hair Growth

Yes, working it out is not just for building muscles. You get the added bonus of getting your blood pumping and in turn increasing your blood circulation. Your scalp is certainly one area that stands to benefit from increased circulation, as your blood carries the nutrients your lovely hair follicles need to produce hair growth.  More nutrients equal more growth. So get in the habit of exercising even if it is only for 20 minutes per day for 2 to 3 days out of the week.


Healthy Hair Products

We have used this recipe for years and there are so many variations you can make if you really think about it and turn on those creative juices.

Once you have stocked up on your natural shampoos. You can look into natural conditioners and leave-ins.

One great natural conditioner to consider is fermented rice water, its all natural, rich in nutrients that help foster great, healthy hair. We prefer top use this once a month to help strengthen or hair.



Other natural conditioners can be as simple as the items you find in your fridge and pantry. Eggs, mayo, honey, olive oil, sunflower oil, aloe vera juice, and many more are at your fingertips if you are willing to do some mixing. Otherwise, there are plenty of natural hair manufacturers out there, that can save you some time.

One such company is Simply Seral. This up and coming biz is all about hair care in the natural sense of things with little to no use of synthetic chemicals. They carry natural shampoos, leave ins, and even growth oils.We love Simply Seral Growth Oil, it helps us with our #hairgoals. The most growth we have seen is half an inch within a month during active growth phase.




Using Growth Aides

So, if you are willing to take it a step further, you can give the following a try: hair growth vitamins.

Yes, if you are willing to give hair growth vitamins try then here is one we recommend: Vitafusion Hair, Skin, and Nails.


It is a great supplement, that supplies your body with all the nutrients needed for optimum hair growth and coupled with healthy eating habits, it can give a great boost to your hair growth overall. But do keep in mind that a complete and healthy diet is always best.



Natural Shampoo Alternatives

So, if you are wondering what are your options when it to comes to the greatness that is clay, here are some clay alternatives for you to consider.

These clays are highly beneficial and have great adsorption properties that make them a great choice when it comes to a natural shampoo alternative.


Health Products For You

The following are our top picks for clay washes.

French Green Clay

Our favorite of the above, is bentonite clay. For us, it just makes a better mud wash, especially if your scalp tends to be a little on the oily side.

Now for the benefits….

Benefits of Using these Clays for your Mud Wash

Kaolin Clay is a gentle clay for exfoliating and cleansing your scalp, with the added bonus of stimulating blood flow and encouraging hair growth. Kaolin is very gentle on your hair strands so you will experience little to no dryness issues. Other benefits of using this clay include temporary repair of damaged strands, as well as strengthening your strands. It is definitely a great addition to any clay wash.

Rhassoul Clay is a great, nourishing, and mineral rich clay that will leave your scalp clean and healthy. This clay gently cleanses your hair leaving it moisturized and softer than most clays. So if your hair tends to be on the drier side of things and you want to retain at much moisture as you can post wash, then this is the clay for you.

Bentonite Clay is highly absorbent and is great for clarifying your hair – lifting product buildup, as well as detoxifying your scalp. Depending on the condition of your hair, this clay can leave your hair feeling moisturized or can be excessively drying for some. However, with the right ratio of ingredients, you can make a fantastic mid wash that leaves your hair feeling cleansed and highly moisturized, so much so that you may find the need to skip the conditioner. This clay is great at elongating curls and coils, so it is definitely worth considering is youare looking to stretch your curls.



French Green Clay – now much like the other Clays, this clay is great for removing impurities. But it is especially great when it comes to cleansing oily skin and clearing pores, so it is fantastic for maintaining scalp health for those with excessively oily scalp. Also known as sea clay, this clay is loaded with active minerals and is very absorbent, but what makes it even more beneficial is that as it thumps toxins, it replaces them with minerals that can contribute to the health of your scalp.

To Sum It for the Clay We Have Selected

If moisture is your concern, then Rhassoul and or Kaolin Clay are better choices. But if your hair already has a good moisture balance and you are not too worried about dealing with excessive dryness, then give Bentonite and French Green Clay a try.




Summing It All Up

Wheather you are growing out a fade or a bob. Or just plain want to achieve #hairgoals, you can enlist all the help you feel toy could possibly need, from a change of diet, to mixing your own shampoos and even conditioners. You can use as many growth aides as you choose, topically and internal and with love, care, and time you can achieve your long hair goals with faster hair growth.

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