Chebe Powder the Secret to Hair Growth

Chebe powder has long been used for hair growth and maintenance in various ways in Africa, particularly by the women in Chad, Africa. This newly popularized, but traditional and well known cultural practice for hair care among women in Chad Africa is now being touted in the western world as the secret to hair growth. Now, there is some truth to this, but there are other products out there that perform comparable to Chebe, but for the sake of simplicity, we are focusing on how Chebe Powder the secret to hair growth is certainly a claim that is duly deserved.

What Exactly is Chebe Shebe Anyway?

If this is your first time hearing about Chebe, you may not be fully aware of what it truly is…it is a traditional means of taking care of hair utilized by various groups in the country of Chad, Africa. Specifically, the women belonging to the African ethnic group known as the Basara Arabs. This technique for hair care has been handed down through generations as a beautifying regimen that often starts during childhood.

The ingredients in Chebe are commonly found in the Chad and Sudan. Chewe, Chebe, or Shebe is a roasted mix of seeds, herbs, spices, and fragrance along with various locally found ingredients that are seen as a necessary part of the beautification process (be it for desired scent, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties, etc.).

Lavender Croton is a tropical African shrub that is highly useful in making Chebe and help give it its distinct scent.

The ingredient Lavender Croton (also known as lavender fever berry, scientific name, Croton Gratissimus) is not only responsible for part of the distinct fragrance of Chebe, but is the main reason why Chebe is well, Chebe! The roasted seeds and leaves of this plant is what makes the bulk of Chebe and proves highly useful in strengthening the hair.

Other ingredients mixed into Shebe are as follows, but are not limited to this list: resin, prunus mahaleb, fragrance oil, and clove.

Why Choose Chebe Powder as Your Secret to Hair growth?

Well, if you love discovering new long hair secrets, then take a good look at Chebe Powder and you will not regret it. Not only will it help you attain your goals of long hair, it will also provide your hair with the added bonus of being stronger, more hydrated, and certainly looking its best. This and many more reasons are why choose chebe powder as your secret to hair growth.

If your hair is prone to dryness and breakage, using Chebe will help fortify and strengthen your fragile hair strands, so definitely give it a try at least for a month or two and see how your hair improves. If you are heavy handed with heat styling and or find yourself dealing with split ends, then don’t pass up on trying Chebe, it may bring your hair back from the brink of hopelessly damaged beyond repair.

A good reason to choose Chebe Powder would be based on your hair texture. For instance, if you find yourself in the tightly curly end of the hair type spectrum, then Chebe will more than likely become your best friend, just make sure you know the ins and outs of using it and adjust accordingly to suit your needs without changing too much in regards to what goes into the overall steps needed.

How to Use Chebe Powder

First off do NOT use this powder on your scalp as it will cause some irritation. Chebe is best used on throughout the length of the hair without coming into contact with the scalp! That being said, let’s dive in to the nitty gritty of using Chebe Powder for healthy hair growth!

The mix is made of the grains or seeds of Lavender Croton also locally know as Chewe or Chebe. Along with dried leaves of the plant.

These ingredients are individually roasted and then individually ground into powder and then strained  to remove large pieces and mixed in various quantities, and then grounded altogether once more to help the ingredients meld well together. And it is during this second phase of grinding that oils and or fats are added as desired to combine with the powder. The Basara Arabian women typically choose their own butter or oil, but traditionally tallow (beef fat) is used, though the smell is generally off putting. The amount of oil mixed in with the powder is just enough to give the powder a “wet look”. Now the powder mix is ready to be applied with one’s choice of oil alternating between water, oil, powder, water. For detailed instructions on application process see below.

Detailed How To Instructions for Using Chebe


  1. Wet hair strands. 
  2. Apply a thick grease or hair oil, then apply Chebe mix (Chebe Powder mixed with or without a good thick conditioner or leave in conditioner). Repeat steps 1 and 2 until hair is well saturated (you will notice hair strands are visible stretched out and weighed down with little to no shrinkage in sight).
  3. Braid hair in fat plaits and spray each braid with water once right after braiding to help restore any moisture lost during the process of braiding.
  4. Wrap the ends of the braids well to help lock in the intensive moisture that has been infused into the strands.
  5. Take down braids after 5 or so days, but be sure to spray them with water to soften them slightly, then repeat steps 1 to 3. 
  6. You can forgo repeating the Chebe application and wash hair after 3 or so weeks of doing this routine to help keep the scalp clean and healthy.

Benefits of Using Chebe

Over the course of time, with patience and consistency – get a routine going – and feel free to include breaks in your routine – Chebe will result in attaining phenomenal hair growth through maximised growth retention. It is the ability to retain growth (by preventing breakage) that makes Chebe Powder the ultimate secret to hair growth!

By strengthening the hair strands, breakage is minimized. By coating the hair strands in the thick mixture that is formed through the application of the Chebe, a tremendous amount of moisture is infused into the hair strands and locked in. This in turn helps maintain the elasticity and health of the hair strands and protects the hair from damaging elements, be it clothing, wind, sun, or other wear and tear from having to manipulate hair when it is loose and free.

So, you are looking to grow lengthy locks and it has been a difficult feat, then by all means give Chebe a try for at least 2 months, preferably 6 months and you will certainly see a difference in grow retention.


Chebe is certainly worth a try and we here at mygivenhair think that Chebe Powder is one of the best kept secrets to hair growth and should be part of hair routines the world over, especially if your hair is highly textured. If you are consistent and take the necessary steps to get your hair and scalp in a healthy state, you will be able to see greater benefits from using Chebe/Shebe powder and you will certainly reap the rewards of stronger, longer, healthier, beautiful hair.

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