Best Oils for Your Hair

A nice healthy sheen or shine is what we strive for when it comes to hair. Even though you may not be all wrapped up in everything that is hair related, most of us strive to have beautiful locks or at least a presentable look when it comes to our hair. After all, it is part of who we are and how we present ourselves to the world. And in some cases, it is how we are seen or judged by others…. So here are some of the best oils for your hair.


Represent Your Self with Your Hair

Now, our primary focus should be who we want to be seen as and not what the world sees as acceptable, so when we express ourselves through our hair we do it with great confidence and love, as well as, respect for ourselves.



You are What You Feel, Not Just Eat

We have all at some point heard in some way, shape, or form that you are on the outside, a reflection of what is going on inside you. So if you if you feel love towards yourself then you reflect that through your outward presentation. Now, this may not always be the case as there can be limiting factors, but you can still work within those limits as best as possible and over the course of time make tiny improvements for the better.

Hair is part of our outward presentation and can help “sell” the look we are going for…from prim and preppy to wild and grungy we capable of expressing our inner self outwardly in truth and love.


The Use of Oils and Hair Care

For centuries, oils have been a part of beautifying the body from head to toe, literally.

Egyptian queen, Cleopatra is often looked at and referenced when it comes to ancient beauty secrets and rightfully so in many cases. Her love for expressing beauty outwardly must have been so great that she is referenced throughout time and is sometimes the inspiration to various, valuable beauty regimens.

It just so happens that many of her skin care regimes are also fantastic for the hair…but, there is truly no surprise there when you really think it through.



Beauty Oils and Your Hair

So, now on to those beauty oils that pack a one-two punch for your hair.

1. Olive oil – strengthens and keeps hair protected
2. Sweet Almond Oil – a great source of Vitamin E
3. Castor Oil – thickens and regrows hair and is an emollient that gives hair a softer feel
4. Moringa oil – strengthens hair and helps hair hold in moisture
5. Black Seed oil – strengthens hair and hair follicles and can help thicken hair

When selecting these oil, just be sure to purchase organic and cold-pressed versions to get the maximum benefits possible and to make sure you are getting exactly what you are purchasing and nothing more.



These are our top five picks for best oils for your hair. You can use them to beautify your hair and make it look at good as you feel inside.

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