Best Hair Accessories of All Time

Our best list of hair accessories of all time that help promote healthy hair by minimizing the damage done while styling.

1. Goodie Ouchless Bands
Goodie ouchless bands are great for styling hair if you are tender headed or just prefer to have hair styles that are protective and keep your hair from breaking needlessly.

It is easy to get these bands on and off with very little to no snags, so these have made our list of on eof the best hair accessories for keeping your hair break free while in protective styles.

These accessories come in small and large sizes. The larger sizes are useful as ponytail bands, as well as, headbands, so if you are looking to limit the number of hair holders you have, then multi-use bands are the way to go.

2. Wooden hair sticks and combs

Wooden hair sticks are a natural and lovely means of transforming simple hair styles into beautiful masterpieces. There many wood working artists that create beautifully adorned wooden hair sticks and even combs. These hair sticks are often topped with beads and metals decorative pieces that can be simple or something elaborate. But of course, the more elaborate the hair stick or comb, the more expensive the prices can get, especially for well known or popular wood workers.

Some hairstick makers, as well as, comb makers allow for customization of their work; however, there are some who simply do not work that way. It never hurts to ask though if you are interested in purchasing hair sticks from a wood worker and you can find a myriad of them on Ebay and Etsy. Some wood workers are available to be commissioned if you find yourself on the creative side of things and would like to personalize or make your own custom hair stick or comb.

3. Wide tooth comb

This is an essential hair tool, especially so for those with thick hair. Of course, the use of a comb should be minimum, especially when it comes to super curly or coily textures, but the wider the comb the better. There will be less pulling and unnecessary breakage, and styling time is often cut short when using wide tooth combs.

4. Bear Claw Clip

This is an oldie, but goodie and it is great for those lazy hair days when the last thing you want to do is be bothered with styling your hair. No need to do anything complicate, just simply swoop up your hair and pin it with one of these sturdy clips. And as the name implies, the hold you will get is much like the strength of a bear’s claw. A good quality bear claw clip has a strong grip and will hold you hair in place all day.

5. Scrunchie

If you are okay with the look of this oldie, but goodie throwback ponytail holder, then a scruchie is the ultimate in snag free hair accessories and really reduces the ouchies when it comes to styling your hair in a  simple bun or pony tail. It may prove dated or old fashion for some, but it certainly gets the job done well. So if your hair tangles easily or is just very coily or curly, then scruchies will prove very useful in minimizing the tangle and damages that can result from using the wrong pony tail holder.

6. Goodie Flex Barrettes
Goodie Flex Barrettes may not be scrunchies, but they certain make quick work of making a ponytail style, that is not only snag free, but stays in place altogther; the only negative is that, unlike scrunchies, you may find it hard to use these to hold down a bun; however, where there’s a will, there is a way. For instance, if you have very fine hair and use a large flex, then you may just the flex barrette useful for bun making, among other creative dos.

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